Face reflexology is far greater than any other technique in this genre as it holds protocols for all kinds of symptoms – from migraines, hay fever, UTIs to allergies, intolerances, chronic inflammation, skeletal, respiratory complaints, and emotional imbalance. DCZ recognizes that improved circulation, better skin function, muscle toning, and fine line reductions are unavoidable by-products of facial stimulation as the results that can be achieved by working with internal imbalances (digestive, hormonal, respiratory, etc.) are so satisfying and transformative and powerful to manifest its transformative effect that comes from deep within on the outside.

The magic of touch: A map of the body within the brain

Reflexology is a natural therapy that follows the same principles as acupuncture: every organ has its own corresponding point in other body parts. A proper stimulation encourages the organ to react with an involuntary and automatic feedback. This input encourages the search for strength and energy to be sent to organs and weak structures to improve their efficiency.

During the 1950s Dr. Wilder Penfield, an outstanding Canadian neurosurgeon, created a model of a human where the appendages of the body were either shrunk or enlarged to represent the amount of space they occupy in the brain.  The results of this modeling was the sensory homunculus – a gangly, off-balance “creature” with enlarged body parts where there is a high density of mechanoreceptors, in contrast to those where there are far fewer.

Based on this distribution The Brain`s Map of The Skin was created and then The Penfield Map as its projection on face; one of the best known “maps” used in facial reflexology to stimulate nerve endings in a given area of the skin. Through these observations it has been possible to prove a reflex connection between the peripheral body area and the central nervous system and to compare the reflex zones and points on the face and the internal organic structures.

The reflex areas are specific parts of our body that under a correct stimulation are able to generate an analgesic (pain relieving) reaction or a functional recovery of the organ placed on a distant different area. This technique is so refined and besides Penfield there are so many maps that it is now both a complete and accurate method.