100% Natural Ingredients: Highest quality and therapeutic grade

Our products are made with the highest-quality organic and wild-harvested herbs and minerals. We are committed to never using man-made substances, chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, fillers or natural ingredients that have been processed and altered in any way.

General “cosmeceuticals” are not considered a medication and therefore are not regulated by the FDA.  Most of the plants we use are certified organic by the USDA but not all suppliers offer these kinds of plants.  All of our herbal ingredients are purchased as “live-herbs” – actual herbs dried properly, handpicked at the right growing stage and time of the year to assure their full potency. These live herbs make up the main ingredient of our facial masks. They are ground in-house to flour-like granularity and mixed with the highest quality mineral clays imported from all over the world.

We select ingredients that are gentle, all-natural, not harmful, and best of all, work.

Pure: No chemicals and no additives

We do not use laboratory-created, chemical-loaded or synthetic ingredients. This ensures that our products are healthy, gentle on your skin and good for your body.  Our products don’t contain colors, animal ingredients, perfumes, fillers, preservatives or anything without a therapeutic value.

Manufacturing: European-formulated and Made in USA

We safely guard the quality of our products from creation until it reaches our customers. We do this by:

  • Carefully selecting specialized suppliers of our natural botanicals
  • Using safe manufacturing processes
  • Controlling packaging, storage and expiration dates.

Our blending and packaging is done by hand, preserving the quality of ingredients and ensuring they are not altered in any way.

Ingredients can be altered during the manufacturing process depending on what equipment is used.  If heat is introduced anytime during the process, ingredients will lose their potency – similar to cold pressed vs. centrifugal process of expelling oils.  Most natural products blended without preservatives lose their potency and healing power in about 6-8 months, therefore our products are prepared in small batches, closely monitoring supply and demand to ensure availability and on-time delivery so freshness and potency of our products is not compromised.


We strive to develop products that not are not only effective, but also very safe for those whose skin is very sensitive, those who suffer from allergies and sensitivities to various environmental irritants. We also take into consideration those who are unwell or fighting serious illnesses in need of the most pure and safe skin care. Because of our own personal struggles with health and skin problems, we are committed to never compromising your health and well-being by using only ingredients that are pure, unaltered, and of highest potency.

Vegan: Animal friendly

We do not test any of our products on animals. All our products are vegan and do not contain any ingredients originating from animals.