Our Story

Folium Botanica creates holistic skin care and natural wellness products that capture the essence and vitality of plants and minerals. A supercharged combination of vitalizing botanicals blended, drawing on the most innovative holistic techniques and the virtues of natural ingredients. Our products help restore and maintain health by mindfully designed therapeutic skin products.

Our branding goal is to differentiate from the saturated, mass-produced and mass marketed beauty-health market. Feel and look should emphasize and communicate wellbeing and healthful modern beauty trends but also convey message that our brand is deeply rooted in heritage, traditions, memories, and mysteries of old world.

Our target consumer is a conscious citizen with a high level of awareness when it comes to long term environmental impact on our health and wellbeing. She/he understands and appreciates the authenticity, vital energies, and medicinal properties of herbs and minerals, as well as the empirical evidence of their effectiveness. Manly women age 25 to 65 although all our products are unisex and should be equally appealing to both men and women. 

Bio-authentic ingredients: Our ingredients are grown in their original environment – Europe and Mediterranean basin mainly. The exact composition of every single ingredient is tied to the biological population from which its source plant originate. We believe that best products capture the vitality and spirit of place within them.

Skin as portal: Our wellbeing category is based on ‘skin as portal’ and all-critical skin`s ability to absorb minerals more efficiently then through digestion. Improving skin strength helps promote better health and strong, resilient immune system.

Product philosophy: Restore & Protect. Our focus is on wellbeing and healthful beauty. Our products and treatments inspire beauty by supporting health. Our main goal will remain restoring skin health by restoring its function and balance, and holistic treatment of skin disorders.

The most important thing to communicate about the brand is authenticity.

Welcome to Folium Medica – organic, preservative-free products inspired by old-world knowledge, admiration for artistry and the beauty of simplicity.

Our products are made from all-natural skin care recipes using native European botanicals created to promote gentle, yet powerful healing and nourishing benefits. We believe that skin care should be truly natural, pure, potent, and simple in formulation. Our products are created to have therapeutic benefits, drawing from a wide spectrum of botanicals that are beneficial to skin health and appearance.

Our formulations are based on research and studies done by some of the world’s most renowned doctors and herbalists. We are filled with admiration and humbled by the wisdom of plants and essences the ancients possessed, even more so when we see how modern research proves the same healing benefits the ancients described.

We are excited to share formulations that can help promote healing, protect body and preserve your health.