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Light up your skin.

Skin Consultancy | Aesthetic & Therapeutic Skin Treatments

Modern and fact-based approach to a holistic skin therapy holds the biggest promise to cultivate outward beauty as an almost casual by-product of maintaining emotional and physical health through the wise use of the powers of nature.

Integrated and holistic skin care when combined with other healing behaviors, can restore the beauty of your skin, and heal it of disorders from which it may suffer. We look at the body as an integrated unit in which all body systems work together to achieve the type of harmony that equals good health.

One of the consequences of good health is beautiful skin – a healing diet, efficient digestion, regular exercise, restorative sleep, and a commitment to achieving emotional harmony all combine to create glowing skin and healthy body. As we eat foods that restore our health and beauty, we must turn to high-quality, toxin-free, nourishing, and therapeutic skin care products for the same effect.

At Studio Portal we rely on variety of skin treatment modalities, intelligent and effective non-toxic skin products all integrated into Fresh & New Skin Protocol with functional nutrition recommendations and guidance to restore skin to its optimal health and most radiant state.