Skin Physiology

Your skin looks after you, from the inside and out. It is part of the body’s detoxification system, as well as the face you show the world, and your body’s first defense from the elements, bacteria and viruses. Our skin works incredibly hard for us, but we tend not to work hard for it. The skin is an organ, just like our hearts or our livers. Like any vital organ, it performs a long list of life-sustaining tasks.

Your skin`s appearance is the result of both what the environment has done to it (extrinsic factors), and what your DNA has told it to do (intrinsic factors). We can control extrinsic factors, such as our exposure to sun, wind, cold, and stress. But until recently, we didn`t know how to control the way our DNA responded to those factors. Intrinsic aging, controlled by DNA, follows specific process: the outer barrier weakens, DNA repair lessens, blood flow declines, collagen degrades, and chronic inflammation flares.

Solutions offered by old-school skin-care products, the endless array of chemical peels, injectable fillers, and microdermabrasion, are only temporary, stopgap measures. While they do give the skin a few good days of looking bright and buoyant, they ultimately fail to do anything substantial to the underlying damage. These results don`t last either. They can`t. They haven`t been designed to reprogram the skin from the inside out. What`s worse, they leave the topmost layer of the skin even more vulnerable to sun exposure and internal stress.

The reason for this ultimate failure is simple: this kind of skin-care product does not address the skin`s interconnectedness – the relationship between the cells and the multiple layers of the skin, and the ways in which the skin interacts with the body – they are designed only to deal with external, extrinsic factors.

Few women have either the time or the inclination to perform a complicated skin-care regimen at home each morning and night. One solution is to use multitasking products that can pack hydrating, calming, and collagen-building properties into one small jar. The goal isn`t better skin at age 50, but to preserve youth and prolong healthy skin functioning no matter when you were born!

The older generation of moisturizers could do little more than temporarily boost your skin`s water content. A better, long-term solution is to encourage your skin to produce more lipids, or natural oils, on its own as if it were younger skin. Rebuilding the topmost layer, your skin will look fresher, less wrinkled, and more vibrant. It will literally be rejuvenated!

When we think about skin health, we tend to think of our skin in isolation from the rest of our body. Real skin health, and the luminous appearance that comes with it, has to be nurtured from within. Everything that affects the body in turn affects the skin. While treating yourself with these anti-aging and therapeutic products, it will obviously speed things along if you don`t overload the system with yet more toxins that the skin has to work hard to eliminate. When the body is full of toxic wastes and cannot eliminate them properly, various skin ailments may result (dermatitis, eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc.).

The only effective way to get rid of these conditions is by cleaning the body inside and out; clean diet and toxin-free body care products.Clean up your diet, select natural products to heal, nourish, and protect your skin from external irritants and you`ll be on your way to glowing, healthy skin!

True beauty – beauty that arises from a loving heart and youthful, radiant skin is based on health. True beauty arises when you rely primarily on skin care products and food that are made with organically-grown ingredients. These products and food can restore the beauty of your skin, give you more energy, protect you from illness, promote optimal weight, and create a deep sense of well-being within you.